Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stupid or Not?

Does anyone else remember 'Hot or Not?' Because I sure as hell do, I spent many a sleepless night judging people solely on their looks, and it was awesome. So the other day I was at Son's house and he was online, and we were bored and I casually mentioned 'Hot or Not', and he said that he had found a site which was way better (for him at least) which did essentially the same thing. I am of course talking about the humble little website that calls itself RATEAROD.COM. (If you think I'm going to actually link to this for you you've nucking futs.) That's right, rate a rod a million pictures of penises for you to look at and then give it a rating on a one to ten scale. Isn't that pretty amazing? I think I'm going to open the guys version of that pretty soon. I'm just trying to decide what to call it. So far the choices are:

Vote for Vag!
Pick a Pussy!
Tabulate a Twat! (this one still needs some work)
Choose a Cooch!
Select a Snatch!
Berate a Beaver!

That's all I can think of so far, any more suggestions?
And don't even think of signing up for a premium memberhip or anything just give your credit card numbers directly to me at, thanks.

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