Saturday, May 22, 2010

Place Holder

Remember when I was a blogger? Yeah, those were good times weren't they?  I would come on here and write about what I was doing, or something funny I had thought of.  That all ended when I went back to school six months ago.  Suddenly, it was just BAM! I have no time to write anymore.  I've had plenty of things to say, but no time in which to say them.  I am sorry about that, I really am.  I've had a good week though, my two best friends have finally come to visit me from Cleveland.  I had forgotten what it was like to have two amazing people hang on every word I say.  It is electrifying.  Tomorrow, I am leaving for Washington D.C. on vacation.  So when I get back I should have the traditional vacation posts to tide you over with some awesome while I try to think of something else to say to you.  I hope you haven't left me.  Though, if you have I enjoyed the company while it lasted.  See you in a week.