Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dog problems, I signed a lease

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Monday, September 12, 2011

I woke up in the garden of Eden

and it's changing everything I believe in

  A couple of days ago while in a fit of boredom I read through some of my old posts from blog pasts (before this current one), I also read through the blogs of my friend Kelli.  It's good to see the progression of things.  I still see glimmers of myself in those words from eight to ten years ago.  Although I have to be honest that it upsets me that I am old enough to look back an entire decade and think of it as not being not that long ago.
   I remember the things that happened.  I remember performing in talent shows, and choir competitions.  I remember sitting in the common area of school drinking Sonic drinks for breakfast.  I remember what happened in Burton Coliseum that wasn't my graduation.  I remember meeting Kelli and her friend Paris in the library, every single morning for two months.  I remember F.U.C.K. 93.7 (We fuck so you don't have to).  I remember the Asian shuffle.  I distinctly remember the phone call that lasted all summer.  I remember holding her hand and feeling sure.  I remember sitting in Bryant's shop for hours at a time, pretending to play pool but really just trying to make one another laugh.  I remember this perfect drawing that Kelli once gave me of Christnia Aguilera if she were Pentecostal. Speaking of Pentecostals I remember that they make the best peanut brittle.  I remember being too loud, and at the same time never loud enough.  I remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and Harry Potter.  I remember listening to Britney Spears, Incubus, and that one Mad Caddies song that Bryant used to play all the time, that I still listen to. 
   I remember too much, and I don't remember enough.   I remember before I started smoking.  I remember before who I was before it happened.  I remember feeling lighter.  I remember being a moody asshole.  I remember the time before Facebook, when the world felt bigger.  I remember when I wasn't so pretentious.  I remember not appreciating time.  I hope I'll one day remember this.