Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello again

     It is August, that means I have not graced this page with words in four months.  I'd like to say that in those four months I've done amazing things.  That's only half true.  I went to New York.  I saw Britney Spears.  I worked at a newspaper.  I saw two Broadway plays. I became a President.  I have written articles.  I have gone to class.  I may have fallen slightly in love.  I played way too many video games.  I have cried in a WalMart parking lot.  I have had absolutely no urge to write anything other than my articles.
      In fact the last time I wrote for this blog it was part of my Lent initiative to write every day for forty days.  I think it's just that I completely blew my load.  I am not meant to be heard from every day.  I am not that wordy, I don't have that much to say. 
      I am going to try to start writing again.  I can't promise anything drastic, or anything constant, because honestly I just don't have a whole lot of time.  I did miss this though.  I missed the ability to speak without a filter. 
     I guess I missed being read, thinking that someone might find the words I write might in some way affect someone.  I'm not saying they were moved, because I don't think I've ever said anything meaningful.  I don't think that people have openly guffawed at anything I've ever written, I'm not always that witty.  I do hope that something I've written here at some point has made someone think, maybe not about what I said, but just remembered it.  Maybe they thought about me when they were alone later, maybe my words played in their head.  I think that's worth it.