Monday, February 06, 2006


A few days ago I had a frightening thought as I made my way home in my sturdy Jeep. As I passed an old familliar road that my Godmother used to live on, and was also the settlement of an ex, I began to realize that I pass that same neighborhood every day. And when I pass it, do I think of the Godmother who I knew and loved for fifteen years of my life? Or do I remember the person who I dated for a year and half, and then spent an equal amount of time fearing and avoiding? Of course I remember the latter. Is it odd that our past loves haunt us more than people who are actually dead? And is a dead relationship anything like a dead person, or realative, or friend at all? Do we need mourning time? Should we wear all black for the next year? Am I expected to sit shiva? And if so, why is this? Why is it that we can know someone our entire lifes, have them die and still think of our stupid relationships over them? Are we really that selfish? Am I that selfish? Well, maybe I should just stop thinking, and keep driving.

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