Monday, October 29, 2007

on why I love Natalie

Yesterday my friend Natalie stumbled upon Postarita (because I was admiring it, and her being a nosy bitch got all up in that shit), and she noticed that there are hardly enough mentions of her wonderful self. So, I've decided to rectify the situation by telling you all why I love her so much, and why you should go out into town and find yourself a Natalie. I'm telling you that bitch is a hot commodity, and everyone needs one or, twelve of her.

I love Natalie because:
She's a combination of all the best parts of people I'm no longer friends with without all of the qualities that pissed me off with the other people.
She is an intergal part of the syrup, and as we all know syrup = life.
She doesn't fault me for my everlasting love for Britney Spears, even though she doesn't quite understand it herself.
She understands that even though I play stupid most of the time, it's all a game.
She understands me when I say the stupidest, inane shit.
Because I know that one day she will finish reading the Harry Potter series, even if it takes her years just so I can have someone to talk about it with.
She will let me talk her into playing drunken karaoke with me.
She will also watch the Disney channel for hours with me, and understands my great love for all things "Phil of the Future"
Because the bitch is my soul mate, the yin to my yang, the SYRUP on my pancakes, the Justin to my Britney, the drugs to my Courtney Love.
Because she'll read this list and won't think it's stupid at all.


Natalie said...

you're right i dont think its stupid at all. i loves it thznk you jordan you made my morning a little brighter

Natalie said...

ps love the courtney love reference

and you really in general