Tuesday, February 12, 2008


To: you know who you are,

If you ever needed a friend who was there too much, I should be your first pick. If you ever needed a friend who is going to support your choices no matter how asinine they may be you should give me a call. If you ever need a friend to go along with your crazy schemes you should put me in your daily planner. If you ever needed someone to be a spring board for all your crazy dreams, and wishes you can jump on me.

But if you ever needed a door mat, I'm there for that too I guess. If you ever needed someone to stand by your side through whatever only to betray me ten years later then I guess I'm the kind of person you could do that to also. If material possessions are more important to you then loyalty and friendship, then keep me in mind. Because apparently I'm your man. I'm the one you can walk for miles with and wax poetically about your horrible lot in life with. I would listen and I think you know that. But apparently these things are not enough for you. Well, I hope it's all worth it in the end.

I hope you don't find yourself all alone. I really don't. Because even though I know you didn't make the choice for yourself, you didn't do anything to stop it either. You didn't do anything to stand up for your friend of ten years. You just sat there and took it. You just let them deny you people who are only there to support your choices, and your happiness. But you let them take that away from you. And for that I am sorry. I am sorry that you can't think for yourself apparently. I'm sorry that you don't have it in you to stand up and fight for who you believe in. I'm sorry, and I really hope that those four walls are worth all the trouble. I hope that kitchen counter listens to you in the middle of the night when you think things just can't get any worse. And I hope that bookshelf says comforting things to you about your past. I hope it does. Because I guess you know that I never will again.

Signed Jordan

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Ms.Natalie said...

Dear Jordan,

Nothing in this world could take you away from me. Not my house not my car not my family and not my other friends.

Love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living... my BABY you'll be!!!!!!!!!!