Friday, July 18, 2008

I Love Gifts

My dad bought me a new digital camera today because mine broke the other way on my way to the Lafayette Zoo. Also, just in case you were ever planning on visiting the Lafayette Zoo, save your eight dollars and don't. They have exactly half of a giraffe and a mosquito. And, I'm pretty sure that mosquito gave me the west nile virus, so all in all not worth it. Anyways about the digital camera, it's red and shiny which are two of my favorite attributes of new electronics. My dad said he bought it because it was on sale but I like to think he's trying to make up for the time in the tenth grade when he called me a fatass. Either way, I'd let him call me fat again if I could score a new laptop.


Kelli said...

Thanks for the tip about the Lafayette Zoo. Also, I have no idea how to arrange links in the order I want them, so I'm sticking with alphabetical order because that seems unbiased, and we all know bias is a dirty slut.

Jordan said...

You're telling me. I will never again hook up with bias, I'm pretty sure it gave me the CLAP. Never again will I demean myself by doing it in the McDonald's parking lot.