Friday, April 01, 2011

40 Days of 4 Things, Day 18

 I've been having an amazing time lately.  I've suddenly found myself surrounded with amazing new people, which is good because I've been in such a horrible state of mind lately.  And though these new people are great, it makes me realize that without my family I couldn't possibly deal with all of the other ridiculousness in my life.  I love them.

Four reasons my sister is amazing

1.  She frequently puts things in my room to make me laugh.  Tonight when I came home I saw that she had put a framed picture of some of our ugliest relatives on my nightstand.  I nearly peed myself.
2. She does this thing where she talks for our dogs because they themselves are incapable of human speech.  The greatest thing about it is that she believes that all dogs speak with Jersey accents, and horrible grammar.  As far as my sister is concerned she believes that dogs typically say things like "Hey, youse guys!". 
3.  She is the one person that I can ride around in a car with singing Mariah Carey songs and never feel bad about myself afterwards.
4. She understands things about me that no one else ever will.

Four reasons my parents are amazing
1.  My dad does the most amazing Mexican accent.  It also doubles for his black guy accent.
2. My mom once called the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. as "that Nazi place we visited".
3. My dad frequently asks for my help with house remodeling, or car repair not because he thinks that I'm actually capable of doing any of it, but because he wants to hang out with me.
4. Because my mom's family gave me this amazing hair, and wit.

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Luci said...

Alright... I've been patient, which is very unlike me. But now, I am finished. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NASHVILLE POST?? :( :(

- <3 Your faithful subscriber.