Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Class rules.

Tomorrow is my first day of classes for this semester. I am making a running check list of things that I will, and will not do this semester.

I will not skip. Good students go to class daily, and so will I.

I will not send text messages in class. Although I will read them if they are sent to me, because if I didn't that would just be downright rude.

I will not listen to ipod during class time. I will remember to turn ipod on hold, so that one good Hilary Duff song that I have on my ipod does not begin playing in the middle of class. This has happened before, do not let it happen again.

I will make it a habit not to get up and leave in the middle of class for a smoke/snack/phone call, moment. I just won't. And if I do, I at least will have the decency to come back to class when I am done.

I will also make a habit to sit far away from the door so that I do not have the urge to leave in the middle of class time, through it. Reasoning behind this is that, I would hate to make a lot of noise as to distract the class or notify the professor to my departure, being far away from the door makes this a lot harder to do.

I will not dance or sing in the elevators. You remember what happened last time you did that, and that semi attractive girl walked up to the opening elevator door, mid ass-shake. You remember how mortified you were.

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