Monday, January 02, 2006

I resolve.

I have decided this year I will not make pointless New Year's resolutions that I will never stick to such as: losing weight, or to stop cussing so damn much. I know I will never do these things, so instead this year I am only going to wish for attainable things to befall me. And they are as follows:

To eat more cookie cake.
To listen to more Carrie Underwood.
To obtain a Tivo.
To watch more T.V. (I.E. American Idol)
To smoke less.
To cuss more.
To fall deeply, utterly in love, head over heels, even if the person who has all of my affections doesn't return them.
To pop less fireworks at Labeurge De Lac Hotel and Casino, because I am no longer welcome there. Oops.

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