Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm trying to take the surprise out of it.

My birthday is only two and a half weeks away and already people are asking me what it is that I want for the glorious occasion. I have compiled a list in case you're stumped. the items on it range from the mundane and ordinary to my greatest fantasies. You pick which you think would make me the happiest.

1.) For someone to buy me the domain for Postarita for an entire year.

2.) For someone to teach me how to make an amazing website after they buy me that domain, because I have no idea.

3.)This Barnum & Bailey vintage circus art print

4.) For someone to rent out a classy bar in my honor. It would be a theme party of course (as are all great parties) the glamorous forties. We would all sip on Manhattans and eat canapes. Then someone would hire an Elton John impersonator (or the real Elton John if you're really good) to sing me "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" and "Philadelphia Freedom"

5. If you can't find or afford an Elton John impersonator then you could always swing for midget Britney Spears one.

6.) For someone to paint my room this color for me which you can purchase here.

7.) For everyone who comes into contact with me on the blessed day, to sing me happy birthday. Did I ever tell you the story of my eighteenth birthday where I had a perfectly wonderful day. And as I was on my way home driving over the bridge I realized at midnight that no one had sung me happy birthday all day long. So I sang it to myself for ten miles, over ,and over, and over, again. No I never told you that story? Well I totally should sometime.

8.) For someone to make me a kickass mix cd full of songs that I love, and songs that I don't know yet but will love eventually.

9.) For Katy Perry to come to my birthday party. I think she'd be a good time.

10.) For someone to take me back to Graceland.

11.) This RCA Small Wonder Video Camera.

12.) An Andy Warhol inspired art print of myself.


Firefly said...

I figured I owned you for the laughs I have gotten from your blog over the past few months. Happy birthday, Jordan!
I hope you like them.

Jordan said...

You are amazing. Thank you for that, it's officially my first birthday present this year.

Kelli said...

Katy Perry definitely rocks, but I don't know her personally, so I can't promise anything.