Monday, December 19, 2005

The Best and Worst

I guess this is an after New Years kind of post, but I know that if I put it off 'till then, it will never ever be written. For I am a selfish bitch when it comes to my own time. Sorry, really I am to subject all of you to this so early, but here it goes:

The Best and Worst of 2005

The Best Day of The Year: I know it's kind of hard to pinpoint one excellent day out of three hundred and sixty five mediocre ones, but I'm going to try anyways. I'd have to say that July Sixteenth was a particularly good one. If I remember correctly I spent my whole day making money, and then purchasing "Harry Potter: And The Half Blood Prince" at midnight. I'm sure there were better days, but this one just stands out, and I can actually pin a date on it.

Interesting/Horrible fact: Dumbledore totally dies in this book.

The Worst Day of The Year: For me this year, the worst day deffinitely has to be June the fourteenth. Only about two weeks after my birthday. This was the day that my Grandmother died, and I'm still having a hard time coping. I know that's so melodramatic to say, and at least it wasn't like my Mom or Dad or something but still. I really am incapable of coming to terms with leaving people behind, or saying goodbye. It really is not my strong suit, at all.

Interesting/Sad fact: The Song "My Way" by Frank Sinatra was played at the funeral. And to this day, all you have to do is play this song and suddenlyI'm a raging ball of emotions.

The Most Mediocre Day of The Year: Absolutely has to be this one. It started with absolutely no breakfast, two finals, and finally throwing up spectacularly in my car. It was totally horrible, I even had vomit in my hair. Oh, God...I think I'm getting sick again just thinking about it.

Interesting/Funny fact: I called in sick to work today, and might have a wild night of debauchery anyways.

The Best Moment of The Year: The creation of the Syrup. Enough said.

Interesting/Stupid fact: It happened at IHop.

The Worst Moment of The Year: A few hours ago, when I realized there was vomit in my hair. Ew.

Interesting/Disgusting fact: It was so gross. And my car smells like cheetos now. Not that I would know, I've just been told.

The Best Book I Have Read This Year: It's a three way tie between: "Harry Potter: And The Half Blood Prince" by: Judith Katherine Rowling; (See: Above), "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl" by: Anne Frank, and "Star" by: Pamela Anderson. It's really a toss-up folks.

Interesting/Sickening Facts: I have so far reread "Harry Potter: And The Half Blood Prince" approximately twelve times. Also, a good friend told me that I was "sex-obsessed" because I bought "Star". More on that in a later post though.

The Worst Book I Have Read This Year: I'm not exactly sure of the title, or the author; but none of that is really that important anyhow. All that I remember about it is that I read it while on my evacuation "vacation", and it was about a woman journalist whose mom almost died. She then lied to the father she had never known, pretends that she's writing a book about him; and then somehow inexplicably has sex with her own half brother. Disgusting, Disgusting (Try to catch the in-joke there).

Interesting/Horrible Fact: The period of time in which I read this book was the fucking worst time of my life. That is all all on that though.

The Absolute Best Album Released This Year: I would say "Britney Spears Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" but that is not techincally true since it was released last Novemeber. I'd probably have to say "Mariah Carey: The Emancipation of MiMi" or "The Black Eyed Peas: Monkey Business".

Interesting/Illegal fact: I didn't even buy "The Black Eyed Peas: Monkey Business", I downloaded it.

The Absolute Worst Album Released This Year: This total heineous cd I saw by someone named "Lorenzo Owens", because every time I see it I'm reminded of that horrible movie "Lorenzo's Oil" I was forced to watch in tenth grade Biology, and how the main actor repeatedly through himself down stairs to show emotion.

Interesting/Stupid fact: That Lorenzo Owens cd? Yeah I deffinitely hid it behind a Britney one so no one could buy it. Not that anyone would want to, but still.

..There may be more, I haven't decided.

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