Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday. I love Sunday's, and for completely unreligious reasons. I mean don't get me wrong I like church as much as the not loving catholic church kind of guy, it's just Sunday has so much more to offer. For instance the very best thing to do on a boring Sunday afternoon, is look back on the week that is coming to a close. This week I did a lot of really awesome things that could either get me A) incarcerated, B) in trouble with my parents, or C) a Nobel peace prize. For example I went to no less than two porn stores this week, with best Asian friend. I'm not so much on porn, the accessories are what I go for to look at. Did you know there's a forty pound purple vibrator called "The Great American Challenge?", let me drive that home for you forty pounds is like the size of my dog "Buddy". That's like sticking an entire fully grown sheltie into your vagina. All beastiality references aside, I'd just like to say that the world is a much better place for things such as this "Challenge" existing. Trust me on this one. I did other outlandish things as well, that I won't bother to write because no one comments on this damn thing anyway.

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