Thursday, October 12, 2006


Today we're going to jump right in, and talk about something very serious. An epedemic that is gripping the nation. I'm talking my friends about a little something CAlled S.S.B. Though it is not the latest craze of sexually transmitted disease or anything as gruesome, it is something troublesome. OF course I"m talking about Secret Single Behavour. Those little thigns you do when you're not dating someone, that you would never actually let someone you had feelings for, or just wanted to bone, that you actually do. You know those little quirks that you and only you alone are allowed to be knowledgeable of. I never thought I would divulge mine, at least not for all the internet to see, but I'm going to for the sake of this post. My secret single behaviour, is locking myself in my bathroom for hours at a time, and messing with my hair. I wax it up for texture, I gel it up for height, I straighted it for something different. And then when all is said and done, I wash my hair and leave the house for the day. All of my minutes of messing going unnoticed, because I never actually let anyone see me like that. So be awed, be surprised, be shocked and unhappy. These are the things that are lurking in people's closets. You all have them too. You're all just not as open with the internet as I am.

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