Monday, May 21, 2007


So I finally figured out that I need to move out of my parents house. Now before you all start on me that I'm twenty years old and still living at home, and am more than likely a pathetic individual, let me just go ahead and tell you that all of that is true. So, we don't need to argue about it okay? However, I've never wanted to move out as much as I did the other morning, when after not coming home untill four o clock in the morning, and stumbling into bed at around sixish, I was awoken at eight. Now normally I wouldn't wake up under my own vollition at such an ungodly hour, so the question arrises, what would make a boy suddenly awake at such a ridiculous time? Did his alarm go off? Did he have to pee? No, none of those are the answers. The answer is that my mother decided that eight in the morning was the perfect time to clean my room. Even though I neither needed or wanted a clean room, she decided that it was a fine idea. Cleaning my room consisted of beating a broom against my bed liberally for no apparent reason, and throwing all of my most prized shit away for again no apparent reason. This woman has no method to her madness. It fucking pissed me off. Well that's pretty much the whole story, but I think I'll ramble on and and on for a few moments while I have your attention.

Did I mention that someone crazed person found my site by searching for "vag-jay-jay"? Although I think this is a wonderful word and fully plan on utilizing it daily; I still don't see the need for looking it up on the interweb. So tell me person who found my site by searching for "vag-jay-jay", what exactly did you come hear hoping to find? Pictures of celebrity vagina perhaps? Well I hate to dissapoint but we ain't got none of that here. So sorry to upset you.

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