Monday, November 26, 2007

On why I am always late

Usually I do an annual "Things I am Thankful of" list. This year is pretty much no different. I'm a one trick kind of guy.

Being completely surrounded by love
"I love New York"
Friends I've had since childhood
Friends that only recently entered but made an impact
Knowing that it's alright to miss some people even though you haven't seen them in years
Britney Spears and her never ending hot mess of a life. She makes me feel domestic, and tame.
Postarita it fkeeps me focussed
People who laugh at my jokes when they're funny.
People who laugh at my jokes when they're not funny.
Memories of "cum" parties. (This isn't as nearly orgy like and disgusting as it may sound)
that I didn't actually see most of my family for thanksgivng

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Kelli said...

Oh my gosh, I'm a loser. I just noticed that the letter I wrote you is folded up and sitting on my computer desk instead of being in the mail. I'm totally sending it tomorrow.