Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hot Shit of the Month December 2007

I just realized that I haven't done one of these in months, so I'm getting on that shit right now. I can't think of any must haves as of right now, and I know that this is the season of getting, and giving. If I think of any material goods to surprise your loved one, or your Jordan I will let you know. However I do have a list of Christmas songs, that you all must have on your Ipod play lists this Christmas season. These songs are guaranteed to make you want to frolic in a nearby snow field, or decorate everything in your home with shiny tinsel.

"Hard Candy Christmas" by Dolly Parton
(interesting fact this is the only Christmas song that I know of that is actually about a group of prostitutes being separated from their whore house. Still, a worthwhile listen.

"All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey
I usually don't like Christmas songs that are really just love songs disguised with some mention of snow, Christmas trees, bows, or a combination of all above. But this song is a classic.

"Another Auld Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg
This song makes me want to weep. Although not even technically a Christmas song, it is always played on the radio around this time. Instead of being about presents, or sex under the mistletoe this song is about an accomplished singer running into his ex on Christmas Eve and then getting drunk with her in her car. An all around good thing.

"My Only Wish This Year" by Britney Spears
The reason that this song is on the list, should be a no brainer really.

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Kelli said...

You should totally do another version of this, but with movies.