Sunday, December 02, 2007

I am not that Jordan Gribble

I'd just like to say for all of those people out there searching on Google for a high school football player named Jordan Gribble, this is definitely not his site. We do not play, watch, or talk about football or any such sports that have to do with balls on this site. We do not believe in ball sports, in the Church of Postarita; sorry. That being said, you have found a Jordan Gribble, just not the one that you were looking for. Although I can definitely say that I am more than likely one hundred percent more literate, funny, and charming than any other Jordan Gribble that you could possibly be searching for. So you might as well just stop with all this football business, and come over to the Postarita side of life, bitches.


Kelli said...

I second that.

Also, the "word verification" I had to type in for this comment says "rvagj."
"rVAGj," I mean.

Jordan said...

I wonder if there's any way I can lobby blogger to include even worse it's word verification software. Someday in this great nation I would like to see someone have to type: "ajFUCKINGSLUTCUNTTOUCHERkl" to be able to comment on this blog.

If there's a will there's a way.

Kelli said...

Also, when I said I was going to mail you a letter, what I meant was that I'm going to put it in an envelope and set it on my desk so that I can stare at it every time I get on the computer instead of actually mailing it. But when I get back to LC I will put it in your mailbox (sans stamp!) and pretend like I physically went to the post office.