Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Name Is

Last night as I was meeting with an old friend, I realized how many names I used to have in my life. You probably would never think about it, but I realized how many names come and go. There's that girl who used to be your best friend but things got marred and ugly, and now you don't use her name anymore. There's that boy who you used to share everything with, and said his name about a million times a day. That boy's name only crosses your lips now when you wonder out loud how is life is turning out. The names are still familiar, but the faces and the feelings, seem to float away. I used to have too many names in my life. So many names that it seemed like my name got lost in the midst. With shrugging glances of "Oh, him? That's Jordan." But eventually I decided to do away with a lot of those names, and just cut back down to the basics. And now it seems as if I'm just surrounded by a few names. They aren't as plentiful, but they mean a lot more to me. And if I had to put a name on my current mental state I would call it "Okay."

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Kelli said...

I could really use some more Jordan in my life.