Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hot Shit of the Month Janurary 2008

It's that time of the month again bitches, time for me to list my favorite things and for all of you to clamor for them like Britney for her children...and pharmaceutical medications. I was asked to list some of my favorite movies and such by a friend so I'll start off with that.

First of all the must see show as of right now for me is deffinitely Ugly Betty.

At first I thought that this show like so many others was the same old story of "let's take a beautiful girl in real life (in this case America Ferrara) and make her appear to be ugly, and then place her in a fish out of water scenario and watch the hilarity ensue!" But it's actually so much more than that, I mean sure it is that, but there's more beneath the surface. It's sweet, and funny, and an over the top soap opera. It includes a in depth look into the world of fashion, and even a transsexual. So, you know it's good. You should either buy it at your local DVD retailler, or you should just watch it here for free at Online TV Dramas. I'm not saying that I'm advocating this blatant visual theft of the show...or the WGA but still it's worth it. Trust me on this one, it's a winner.

Also, a show I wasn't expecting to like but actually have come to almost enjoy is the CW's "Gossip Girl". I know that it's a pretty gay thing to admit, but I was curious. I had a read a few of the books that my sister had left lying around the house (as I am likely to read almost anything with pages that lies around the house for any amount of time), and I was pleasently surprised with the books as well as the show. This show is the basic rehash of a whole lot of really attractive young people at the same school, having sex, and lying about it to eachother. But also there's some pretty good drama and comedy in the midst too. All around a pretty decent way to waste a Thursday night.

As far as movies go I just recently saw "Juno" (Which I had originally posted the movie poster of, but it's fucked up the formating) with abformentioned friend and although I wasn't terribly disapointed, I wasn't enthralled either. I would say that if you're into quiry comedies about real life situations then this movie might be for you. It actually had a bit too much Jennifer Garner for my tastes, but then again even movies without Jennifer Garner in them have a bit too much Jennifer Garner for my tastes. Now I wouldn't say that the movie felt like the performers were acting on a "high wire" like the movie poster states but whatever. Allison Janey is in this as the dog loving step mother, and she is amazing so it's worth seeing just for her.

As for a list of movies I just love as of recently old ones included this list would go as such:

"Saved" starring Mandy Moore
"The First Wives Club" starring a lot of amazing people
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix" okay, I have to admit this movie is actually really boring, but it's Harry Potter so it's a good value.

As far as music goes, I have recently gotten a new computer and although this is amazing I have lost all of my music. Seriously, all of it. So my music is pretty limited to what I hear on the radio as of right now. Although for a few classics you should try out:

"Queen Killer" by Queen
"Do Right Woman - Do Right Man" Aretha Franklin
"Would it be Nice?" - The Beach Boys

And for a sweet song from a guy I've never listened to before try "With You" by Chris Brown. And although it shares it's title with a Jessica Simpson song, don't hate on it yet it's actually a good value.

Well, okay bitches thats it for this month. Watch, listen, and enjoy.

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Kelli said...

"It actually had a bit too much Jennifer Garner for my tastes, but then again even movies without Jennifer Garner in them have a bit too much Jennifer Garner for my tastes."

I like Jennifer Garner, but that was really funny.