Sunday, January 27, 2008

Then and Now

Last Week
Number of cigarettes smoked: 1,000,000 (feels like)
Number of bottles of Alchool purchased for someone else: 2
Number of dollars spent at "Books and Things": $28
Number of dollars almost spent at "Books and Things": $48 (I didn't look at any prices)
Number of times accidentally stumbled upon Hannah Montana songs on the radio: 30,000
Number of times actually found myself kind of liking Hannah Montana songs accidentally found on the radio: at least four
Number of hours spent at police station: 1 and a 1/2
Number of times gone to Sulphur: twice
Number of minutes spent fantasizing about Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson concert this weekend: TOO FUCKING MANY
Number of times meant to buy batteries for camera: 12
Number of Batteries actually purchased: 0

This Week;
I will try to cut back on the smoking, really. My lungs will thank me I'm sure.
Try to write more.
Finish reading the books I bought before I got and buy some more. I'm bad about that. Never finishing what I started.
Try to not like Hannah Montana, at least a little bit.
Will more than likely cry tears of joy when Reba McEntire sings "You Lie", or "Whoevers in New England"
Try not to make fat jokes about Kelly Clarkson at the concert.

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