Sunday, March 02, 2008

Don't Be Fooled By The Locks That I Got

As I mentioned briefly in an earlier post today I cut my hair. I know that doesn't exactly sound monumental to most of you, and more like basic routine, but to me it was a tragic act. I woke up this morning after spending a week on the couch (more on that in a later post I'd expect) with a broken spirit and only one thought in my mind. This thought was that I would clearly look amazing if I were bald. Clearly this was true. Although I didn't end up going bald (thank God) the end results are just as horrifying, sadly. Unfortunately I look like I did when I was sixteen, which is much like this (and yes this is actually the picture that remains on my license to this day, if I had saved any other of my pictures from this era I would have them instead) if you didn't know me then. And because of this tragic event, I have made a list to remind myself why I should never ever cut my hair again. Ever as long as I live. And the list goes like this:

1. Because when my hair is short everyone I see becomes knowledgeable of the exact contours of my oddly shaped head.
2. Because I look like a sixteen year old virgin, instead of a twenty one year old one.
3.Because it makes my chins look even bigger.
4. Because I look like an angry lesbian. Not that I don't like lesbians, I do. I just don't want to look like one. Especially not an angry one, them bitches be vicious.
5.Because with the streak of blonde hair that I have had since birth, and a flat forehead I look like Frankenstein with a bad dye job.
6. Because now when I leave a room in a huff I can't make a dramatic exit with a whip of my head. Not that I have ever done this because I think it's a tad emasculating, it would be nice to still have the option.
7. Because do I really need to bring this up again? Looking like I'm sixteen with bad skin issues, and a double chin? Isn't that just a bit too much to handle?

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