Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To write, or not to write?

I read a post at Red Brick Everything today which made me think. When I started Postarita, I never thought about it as my own personal journal. I just wanted a new site to write on. I never considered writing my deepest darkest emotions and have them read by the wide world inter web, on a regular basis. But I have, and people do, on a regular basis (in fact almost 900 hits, in the last two months!). Which brings me to the question, am I getting too personal? Should I leave well enough alone, and save something for myself? Am I wrong to write public letters on here for friends, and ex-friends of mine to read at their own leisure? Am I wrong to write exactly how I'm feeling and let people read it rather than just writing it for myself, or not writing at all and just keep it to myself? Comments are open people, I need opinions.

Bare my soul, and keep writing my feelings?
Keep it to my damn self?

Remember that which you don't write, no one can hold against you. I've learned that one the hard way folks.

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