Monday, March 21, 2011

40 Days of 4 Things, Day 12

Instead of doing 4 Things today I'm going to pull a Kelli and do Cool Things/Uncool Things instead.  I hope she doesn't mind.

Cool Things
- the thirty nine episodes of Family Guy saved on my DVR
- this coupon I got from Gap that donated 5% of all of all of the profits from my purchases towards the charity of my choice, and also gave me 30% off
- skim vanilla latte's with splenda at Starbucks every morning
- Glee soundtracks
Their Eyes were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston which I'm reading for my English class and assumed I'd hate, but don't mind
- when something interesting happens in Lake Charles like this
- meeting people that I don't hate
- doing things that I don't normally do
- cinnamon raisin bagels/low fat cream cheese
- can I mention my trip to Nashville one more time?

Uncool Things
- not having time to read a non school related book since Christmas break
- incredible neck pain for seemingly no reason
- having to fill out a FAFSA every year
- that after I get back from Nashville, I won't be able to leave this shit hole until I leave for New York in June
- not being Jewish
- going to the gym and being on the elliptical machine next to the guy who could bench press twelve of me
- not having time to watch any of the movies I've had from Netflix for the past two weeks (Paranormal Activity 2, and Pulp Fiction)
- having to pee while attempting to write a blog post


bathroomslave said...

You have the bladder of an 80 year old man.

Jordan said...

Sorry Firefly I accidentally deleted your comment! Feel free to try again, I'll try not to fuck it up again.

Kelli said...

I don't mind! And have you not seen Pulp Fiction before?

Jordan said...

No I've never seen it, and it's been sitting in its Netflix envelope for a week now. Is it even any good?