Monday, March 14, 2011

40 Days of 4 Things, Day 6

I'm starting to actually like this initiative I've taken on.  In some ways it makes me feel so connected to my life.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but sometimes over the course of a couple of hours I've already forgotten the things I've done that day.  It's nice being able to sit for a moment and think about everything I said and everything that was said to me.  Speaking of things I've said, I've been thinking about all the ridiculous things I've said in my life.  Honestly now that I think about it, there wouldn't be enough room to write all of the offensive, over the top, ridiculous things I've said.  So instead here are the four most offensive and ridiculous things I've said this week:

To a girl I barely know who insisted on showing me pictures of her frankly hideous child:
Her: "He's so cute, isn't he cute?"
Me: "Yeah, he's cute"
Her: "Aww...thank you."
Me: "You actually made me say that."

To the manager of the store I work at when for some reason I didn't get paid for my sick day:
Him: "Sorry"
Me: "Yeah, well if I can't pay my meth dealer this week, it's really your fault."
(Sidebar: I've now heard a rumor that everyone has to submit to drug testing)

To a friend of mine talking about these hot dogs she ate at the Mardi Gras carnival:
Her: "Yeah, they're like famous for their foot long wieners"
Me: "So am I"
(This one's actually not offensive, it's just such a dude joke to make that I can't believe I said it.)

During my biology class that I share with the gayest person I know (also one of my best friends) of mine when we were talking about a group of children born in Haiti that are not born with one specific gender. And although I can't find anything on Google about it, apparently they are just treated as girls until they hit puberty when they may or may not become men:
Professor: "And when they hit puberty they sometimes begin to show signs of being male, and suddenly a penis emerges"
Me: "See (Son Tran)? There is hope that you might not be a woman after all."
(I should note that after this exchange he told me to "suck it")

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bathroomslave said...

Bahaha. All of these made me laugh. I can hear you saying them in my head. THIS IS WHY WE LOVE YOU :) :)

I love this blog series! I hope you come up with a new one at the end of the 40 days.