Friday, March 11, 2011

40 Days of 4 Things, Day 3

I knew that some days over the course of this experiment would be harder than others.  Not everything I do everyday is worth writing about.  I mean don't get me wrong, you'd be fascinated to hear it if I wrote about it, but I just don't think you need to hear about my daily trips to the grocery store, or how many cigarettes I smoke in a day (read: a lot).  You don't need to hear about where I go to lunch every day, or the intricacies of every conversation I have.  Though, there are some things I do every single day without fail.  I'm not saying that these things are interesting because they certainly are not for the most part.  Though, I've always been one for routine.  Here are the four things I do every day (or most days).

On weekdays I go to class

I know I'm probably not the only one who feels this way but I like the idea of going to school a whole lot more than the actual act of doing it.  I am not one for sitting still for hours at a time.  In fact it's killing me to sit still long enough to write this post.  I like to keep moving, to keep doing.  I do not like sitting and listening.  Though not all of my class are lectures, some of them are even worse, those conversation classes. I do not enjoy those classes where Dr. Professor KnowsTooMuch expects the entire class to join in.  I hate that idea.  If I wanted to be taught by someone other than the professor, I would have paid them instead of the university, thank you.  Though there are classes that I do enjoy, mostly the ones directly associated with my degree program.  I love my Mass Communication classes.  I like the group feeling of it all, taking most of my classes with the same group of people.  I like my professors, and actually feel like I'm friends with most of them even though I know that's weird.  Those classes remind me of high school  And though, for the most part I hated high school (I wasn't nearly as amazing back then) I like that feeling of familiar faces and shared mentality.  I also like school because I like being able to skip it. 

Some days I go to work

I always thought that at the age of twenty four I would have a more sophisticated career path than the one I am currently on.  Well, to be honest I never actually thought about having a job, but I knew it would be different than this.  I guess I thought I'd be done with school by now, but I should have known better.  I have never been the one to finish first, or blaze a trail.  I am not a fire starter, I am not the quickest.  I guess that's why at twenty four I work in retail at a well known drugstore.  I print people's naked pictures for a living.  I say that last sentence to be funny, but also because it's completely true.  I wish it were a little less bleak than this.  I just keep thinking that soon, in the looming near future I will have a job I can be proud of.  Or at the very least I'll have my own desk.  Or maybe I'll share a desk with someone else, I really don't know the specifics of office work.  Someday I will wear a suit, and maybe carry a briefcase.  I will have work contacts in my phone, and a favorite lunch place.  I just know that it will be good.  Or at the very least better than this.

I do things for myself everyday

I attempt to better myself a little bit more every day.  I might not be the smartest, or the most talented, or the nicest, but I like to play to my strengths.  I think I'm funny but want to be funnier so I make it my business to stay informed on pop culture and politics, so as to stay topical.  I like to sing, so I sing scales and runs in my car over and over again.  I like to cook so I watch far too many episodes of Barefoot Contessa and spend a ridiculous amount of money trying to cook like she does.  I like to be well read, so I read everything I come in contact with.  I spend a lot of time being selfish, doing things that only benefit me.  I know I should be contributing something to society instead of only trying to better myself.  I know I should volunteer more, or donate more.  But honestly, I've got a lot on my plate right now and just don't have that kind of time.  The malnourished and impoverished should be more sensitive to my feelings.

Everyday I live in a fantasy world

I know that everyone is prone to day dreaming.  I think I take it to a new level, an art form if you will.  I have a very active imagination, in fact it's all consuming.  I dream all day long, about nothing in particular really.  Sometimes I dream of things being better, brighter, more glamorous.  Sometimes I dream of things being the same but different.  I think of reversing decisions, I think of how things could have been different.  I dream of having my act together.  I dream of being renowned, respected.  I dream of being different than this.

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