Thursday, March 17, 2011

40 Days of 4 Things, Day 8

Emotions are high this week

I am not able to reign myself in.  If I am singing, I am the loudest person who has ever sung.  If I am laughing, my laughter is more riotous than you could hope to stand.  If I am sad, I am the saddest person in the room.  I have never been good at keeping myself  in check.  I've just been so angry lately.  I fly off the handle, I lash out, I do all of the normal anger cliches.  I don't know why I'm so mad, I don't know how to stop being so endlessly angry.  Maybe I should take up meditation, or maybe a crystal meth habit, or anything that will divert my attention away from the fact that I am seething all of the time for seemingly no reason at all.  Writing is helping me a little, I like the reflection of it, I like the routine.  This exercise is becoming slightly cathartic. 

Today I was pretentious

I am taking an American Literature of the nineteenth century class as an elective this semester.  I really planned on liking it, I love reading, I love writing about the things I've read.   I just didn't plan on the class being so pretentious.  Everyone in that class other than my friend (Hey Luci!), is so overwrought and pretentious that it literally pains me to go to that class every Tuesday and Thursday.  I thought we'd be discussing literature, and I was hoping for something more easily digestible like To Kill a Mockingbird instead of ridiculous novels like The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton.  It doesn't even appear to be a literature course as much as it is a discussion on penis theory.  Apparently every question that arises from reading any novel ever written, has an answer and that answer is penis.  The penis is everything and every where appearently.  If a woman doesn't love her son, it's because she has penis envy.  If an impotent man drinks heavily, or a vapid woman spends furiously, they are just compensating for their lack of a working penis.  Penis, penis, penis, phallus, penis.  All class period, that is the only matter on hand, and it is driving me crazy.

It goes without saying that I have to attempt to be as pretentious and ridiculous in every paper that I write for that class.  Our midterm is due tomorrow and it consist of three essays.l   I mentioned more things that I can't even begin to understand in those essays that I am literally ashamed.  As a prospective journalist I'm always trying to write the facts (and sometimes the embellished truths that appear on this website).  I'm not used to completely fabricated, and then trying to support those lies.  I hate it.

This week I've constantly hoped that it was Friday

I'm actually only saying that as an excuse to post this video of internet sensation Rebecca Black.  If you haven't head Rebecca's first single Friday, listen to it here.  It is the single greatest piece of musicry (which I'm well aware is not a word), that has ever been created.  My favorite lyrics include "Today is Friday, we we so excited".  Also there's a rapper who appears to be at least thirty years senior to Ms. Black, and I am assuming he is the man who molested her and has given her a decreased vision of her self worth, and made her think that this was a good career move.  Or maybe it's her dad.  Maybe it's her boyfriend dad.  I'm not sure, but it's unintentionally hysterical.

Also check out fake Bob Dylan's equally amazing cover:

Today I have been writing daily for seven days straight

That means I've written twenty eight distinct things!  I am awesome.  That is all.


Estelle Darling said...

Dear Lord, Jordan. Why would you post that song?! I thought you had better taste than that. lol

Jordan said...

I'd like to defend myself by saying that I've ne'er made it a secret that I have terrible tastes.